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Fortnite Red vs Blue Code LTM details and everything else players need to know

There’s a new Fortnite Red vs Blue limited-time mode happening this weekend.

Fortnite is great when it comes to these limited-time modes as they offer a different way to play Fortnite. Some items in the item shop will also be based around the Red vs Blue LTM now and give players a chance to rock their team when playing.

With this in mind, here is all the information players need to know to get started on the new Fortnite Red vs Blue LTM.

Fortnite Red vs Blue

This new LTM will feature three different game modes, which include Red vs Blue Rumble, Red vs Blue Advanced, and Red vs Blue (XS).

Each mode is different from the other, so players should look at what’s best suited to them.

Red vs Blue Rumble

This mode is for those players who love a fast-paced game. In this version of the Fortnite Red vs Blue LTM, players will experience endless action, infinite revivals, and powerful formations.

Players can defeat other players for gold and spend the gold to upgrade their weapons. This mode is accessible in Mod or via the code 6207-0778-2857 by BOYKAARO in Creative.

Red vs Blue Advanced

In this version of the LTM, players are thrown into a fierce game of collecting weapons and fighting alongside their team. Players must fight against other teams for the ultimate riches and more.

It’s essentially just a step up from the original Red vs Blue mode. Players can join by using the code 7520-3761-4238 by TheSlurp in either Mod or Creative.

Red vs Blue (XS)

This Fortnite Red vs Blue mode is best for those who prefer close combat. It’s all about close range. Players also have infinite revival and powerful formations to quickly jump into battle no matter how many times they are eliminated. This LTM can be accessed by entering the code: 8741-7457-7436 by MISWERDNAX.

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Published 01 May 2021, 22:47 IST

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