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5 types of players everyone encounters in Genshin Impact co-op

There are some archetypes of players that everybody is bound to encounter at some point within Genshin Impact co-op.

Naturally, there are more than just five general types of players one might see in Genshin Impact. Likewise, some people can be a mix of several of the types on this list. Everybody is different in their own way, for better or for worse. At the end of the day, it’s best to take Genshin Impact co-op for what it is.

5 types of players everyone encounters in Genshin Impact co-op

#5 – One-trick pony

Image via Hoyo Lab
Image via Hoyo Lab

Surprisingly, some Genshin Impact players only have a set character or two in mind when playing the game. This can lead to some disastrous co-op moments, as they won’t use an ideal character for various situations. Some characters are fantastic in most circumstances, but these characters will still use them in situations they don’t excel in.

More often than not, they don’t even build their main properly. If their main is a niche one (like Amber), players should expect the co-op to go over horribly. It’s even more painful when one realizes that some of these one-trick ponies have amazing units that they’re not using.

#4 – Team player

Image via Republic World
Image via Republic World

The team player is a good contrast to the one-trick pony in some ways. They will often pick a character that helps the entire team out in any given situation, yet they can also be a one-trick pony themselves in terms of which support unit they bring to co-op.

Unfortunately, they’re a little too supportive at times in terms of what they pick in Genshin Impact. As a result, there can be some situations where they pick something unnecessarily weak for the given situation. Likewise, they won’t be able to do much if the rest of their team has no idea what to do.

That said, they’re still one of the best types of players one can hope to see in Genshin Impact.

#3 – The lone fighter

Image via Pocket Tactics
Image via Pocket Tactics

Some players play the game as if they live on another planet. It’s not uncommon for players to think they’re playing with a bot or NPC based on how these types of players perform. They’re not necessarily bad players (some of them can be quite good, actually), but they won’t communicate with the team in any capacity.

Using Genshin Impact’s in-game chat is often a fruitless endeavor with these kinds of players. If they’re bad, there’s not much a player can do to help them as they’ll do whatever they want, however they want it.

The lone fighter’s lack of communication does make some co-op moments seem pretty chill, so they’re a neutral force some players might love or hate depending on the context.

#2 – Toxic for no reason

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Unfortunately, every social game has players from this category. They can die for being out of position, and it’ll still be somebody else’s fault. Some toxic players might spend more time fighting their allies rather than the enemies before them. Unsurprisingly, these types of players can be provoked by the slightest of things.

Sometimes, they might try to grief the other players in Genshin Impact to feel less inadequate. It’s not as effective to grief in Genshin Impact as it would be in other games, but they’ll still try to waste the other players’ time.

Having multiple toxic players in the same party can be amusing, though. Seeing them go at it at each other is a kind of drama different from the usual co-op shenanigans.

#1 – The hard carry

Image via Mtashed (YouTube)
Image via Mtashed (YouTube)

Some players know the meta so well that they can practically solo the toughest bosses on their own. Sometimes other players in co-op will be surprised by how quickly their enemies would be killed. Typically, it might be an ordeal for them, costing the average player a minute or two.

Not for the hard carry; they will kill bosses nearly instantly with their top-tier equipment, great builds, and excellent knowledge about how to maximize damage in Genshin Impact. They can have three dead weights with them and the hard carry will still persevere like it was nothing.

Sometimes, this type of Genshin Impact player is willing to teach other players on how to become more efficient. They can be toxic if their allies are useless, but they can also be incredibly chill and not mind carrying others to success.

Note: This article reflects the writer’s personal views.

Published 02 May 2021, 00:12 IST

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