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How to solve the Dragonspine pressure plate puzzle

Genshin Impact unveiled the snowy mountain of Dragonspine in their version 1.2 update.

This update has given Travellers a new realm to explore and new challenges to face along the way. Apart from the new enemies released, Travellers were given more puzzles to solve. One of the trickier puzzles in the update was placed in the western region of Dragonspine, and it involves symbol-related plates that activate when stood upon for a few seconds.

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Solving Genshin Impact’s puzzle of pressure plates in Dragonspine

In Dragonspine, north of the Entombed City Outskirts, there is a puzzle that prompts the Traveller to stand on pressure plates that create a symbol on the broken wall next to it. Players must activate all eight plates in a particular order to solve the puzzle.

First and foremost, players should keep the “Sheer Cold” mechanic in mind, as it is present all throughout Dragonspine. Before players complete this puzzle, they should light a fire on the nearby brazier to keep from taking damage at the hands of the mountain’s climate.

The first trick to this puzzle is uncovering a hidden pressure plate. A chunk of ice lies among the other plates, and players can melt it with the nearby Scarlet Quartz to reveal the pressure plate below it.

With all eight plates revealed, players can begin activating them. There are multiple solutions to this puzzle. After stepping on a pressure plate, players have to step on the three other plates that spawn the same symbol on the wall. They can then step on the other four plates in any order to make the second set of symbols appear.

Unlike many other puzzles in Genshin Impact, there are few hints here. Notably, there is no way to tell which symbol a plate will activate when stood upon. Players can test their memory with this puzzle, guessing and checking the effects of each plate. The image below also provides one possible solution for the puzzle.

Solution to the Dragonspine pressure plate puzzle in Genshin Impact
Solution to the Dragonspine pressure plate puzzle in Genshin Impact

Once the puzzle is complete, players are rewarded with one crimson agate and a Luxurious Chest, which holds some artifacts, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and a Guide to Resistance.

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Published 09 Apr 2021, 04:00 IST

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