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Top 5 Agents for Competitive solo queue in Spilt

A competitive solo queue in Valorant can be played with ease if players pick the right agent.

The 5v5 tactical shooter has 15 different agents. Every agent has unique abilities. Hence, perfect team composition is essential in Valorant’s competitive mode. Instead of insta-locking, players need to understand and choose the right agent to play in the competitive mode.

Valorant’s competitive mode classifies the players into different ranks, depending on their skill levels. Later, the ranks are used to team players up and match them against players of similar skill levels.

Moreover, playing a competitive solo queue in Split is harder because of the elevated center in both sites. Hence, proper communication and cooperation are required among the teammates to win a match, in this map.

The following are the top 5 Valorant agents for a competitive solo queue in Split.

Top 5 Valorant agents to climb solo queue competitive in Split

# 5 – Jett

Jett can abuse long-range angles in Split and rotate fast. Her abilities, like Updrift and Tailwind, allow her to evade an enemy’s line of sight and peek from the unexpected spots in Split.

Moreover, Split has heavens in both sites, hence her Updrift and Cloudburst ability allows her to play efficiently in this Valorant map.

# 4 – Raze

Apart from Jett, Raze is another duelist perfect for a solo competitive queue in Split.

Her Blast Pack ability allows her to damage enemies and mobilize herself. She can also use Paint Shells and Boom Bots to create chaos and damage to the opponents from a distance in Spilt, especially in B Garage or in the Heavens of both the sites.

# 3 – Sage

Although Sage is a supportive agent in Valorant, it can be effective in Split with proper lineup knowledge. Sage is one of the top pick agents in Split.

Sage can hold a site for a longer periods and resist a heavy push with her Slow and Barrier orb. Moreover, she can support her teammates with her healing and revival abilites.

# 2 – Cypher

Cypher can help the teammates by feeding them information. Split is regarded as the strongest map for Cypher in Valorant. However, a powerful setup is required.

He can watch sites with his Spycam ability, in case the enemies rotate. Apart from that, his Trapwire can also stop enemies from pushing.

# 1 – Omen

Omen can play mind games with the opponents. The controller is best known for his smoke and teleport ability.

When in a solo competitive queue, it is easy to clutch a match by using his abilities. He can teleport from one site to another and move to high ground to confuse the enemies. Omen can also smoke the Heaven which is very effective in this map.

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