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Champions League historic stats show Man City are huge favourites against PSG after 2-1 win

Since 1955, the away side has won the first leg of a knockout tie in the European Cup/Champions League on 319 occasions. 

Just eight times has that team subsequently failed to progress from the tie.

SAARBRUCKEN vs AC Milan – European Cup first round, November 1955

First leg: AC Milan 3 Saarbrucken 4

Second leg: Saarbrucken 1 AC Milan 4

Aggregate: 7-5 to AC Milan 

BENFICA  vs Ajax – European Cup quarter-final, February 1969

First leg: Ajax 1 Benfica 3

Second leg: Benfica 1 Ajax 3

Tie-breaker in Paris: Ajax 3 Benfica 0

DYNAMO BERLIN vs Nottingham Forest – European Cup quarter-final, March 1980

First leg: Nottingham Forest 0 Dynamo Berlin 1

Second leg: Dynamo Berlin 1 Nottingham Forest 3

Aggregate: 3-2 to Nottingham Forest 

PANATHINAIKOS vs Ajax – Champions League semi-final, April 1996

First leg: Ajax 0 Panathinaikos 1

Second leg: Panathinaikos 0 Ajax 3

Aggregate: 3-1 to Ajax 

BAYERN MUNICH vs Inter Milan – Champions League last-16, February 2011

First leg: Inter Milan 0 Bayern Munich 1

Second leg: Bayern Munich 2 Inter Milan 3

Aggregate: 3-3; Inter won on away goals 

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs Manchester United – Champions League last-16, February 2019

First leg: Manchester United 0 Paris Saint-Germain 2

Second leg: Paris Saint-Germain 1 Manchester United 3

Aggregate: 3-3; Man United won on away goals 

REAL MADRID vs Ajax – Champions League last-16, February 2019

First leg: Ajax 1 Real Madrid 2

Second leg: Real Madrid 1 Ajax 4

Aggregate: 5-3 to Ajax

AJAX vs Tottenham Hotspur – Champions League semi-final, April 2019

First leg: Tottenham 0 Ajax 1

Second leg: Ajax 2 Tottenham 3

Aggregate: 3-3; Tottenham won on away goals 

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