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Upcoming PvP event “Windtrace” explained

Genshin Impact has a lot of events planned for the future, and the new Windtrace event may be the first to include PvP.

This event has been leaked by a user on Twitter and seems to provide content that is unlike anything else released so far. Genshin Impact players will definitely have a lot to look forward to with this event, so here is everything that is known so far about “Windtrace.”

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The Windtrace event in Genshin Impact

The Windtrace event coming to Genshin Impact seems to be rather complex and involves a lot of multiplayer action. The gameplay of the event seems similar to the well-known game, Hide and Seek, as players will split into teams and either disguise themselves in the environment through Windward Arts, or use Arts of the Hunter to locate the hiding players.

Players will also compete to acquire “Favors” that spawn on the map in various locations, and collecting enough of these will allow them to use a “Secret Favor” – an ability that will turn the tides of the event.

A sneak peek at Windtrace abilities (Image via Project Celestia)
A sneak peek at Windtrace abilities (Image via Project Celestia)

Players will be utilizing new abilities, similar to other events, albeit expanded. Hunters will be able to use abilities that reveal the hiders, similar to using Elemental Sight to locate hidden chests in the base game. Hiders will recieve more exciting abilties, being able to disguise themselves in their environments, lay traps, or even disappear entirely. Players will have to utilize these abilties to succeed in the event.

What rewards will players get from Windtrace?

While completing the event, players can acquire Windtrace Coins that can be used to purchase rewards from an event shop as is usual with Genshin Impact events. Due to this event releasing in update 1.5, it is likely that furnishings for player housing will be available through the Windtrace shop. Other likely inclusions are Primogems and talent books.

Players should definitely take advantage of this event to get rewards, as there is a limited amount of Windtrace Coins each player can acquire.

The Windtrace event coming to Genshin Impact definitely seems like it will shake up the typical gameplay of events and will provide a fun experience for players.

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Published 09 Apr 2021, 00:01 IST

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