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Top 3 Dark Pokemon from Hoenn

Introduced in Generation II, the Dark-type category saw even more Pokemon added with the reveal of Hoenn.

The Hoenn region was a pleasant surprise for many Pokemon fans. Kanto and Johto wonderfully gave the new location of Generation III a lot to live up to.

Not only did it provide incredible stories across both games, it delivered on the new Pokemon added to the franchise, Legendary or not. The Dark-types added to the National Dex from Hoenn are pretty incredible.

Top 3 Dark Pokemon from Hoenn

#3 – Sharpedo

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Sharpedo is an absolutely brutal Water/Dark-type Pokemon. It is pretty quick with 95 base Speed and also has a 120 base Attack stat. That allows it to deal insanely high physical damage to opponents, usually first with that Speed stat.

Sharpedo uses its fangs to rip at its enemies. They can also tear through iron and steel. If a fang falls out, it immediately grows back, so Sharpedo can continue gnawing on whatever poor creature is in its grasp.

#2 – Sableye

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Sableye is a Dark/Ghost-type Pokemon. It may not have the highest stats, but Sableye can be just as powerful in battle as anyone. In fact, it can be pretty annoying. Before Fairy-types were introduced, it had zero weaknesses.

In Generation III, Sableye could learn Fake Out to strike first, Focus Punch to deal damage last, and a variety of status moves that simply frustrate opposing trainers. It is also said to steal the soul of any living being that looks it in the eyes.

#1 – Absol

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Absol is a bit underrated. This pure Dark-type Pokemon is one of the best, though. It has a massive 130 base Attack stat. The rest leaves a bit to be desired, but with an Attack like that, it can get the job done if required.

Absol can sense approaching natural disasters with its horn and will warn humans. This has led to many believing it to be the cause of these disasters. A lot of people in the Pokemon universe hate Absol for that.

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