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The best moveset for Suicune in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Suicune can flat out be too much for Pokemon to handle due to the punishing attacks it learns as well as its bulk.

While it may be very difficult to catch, the search for Suicune may be worth it. With 100 HP and 115 in both Defense and Special Defense, Suicune has close to perfect defensive stats. It also is a Water-type Pokemon, which is a great defensive type, since it only has to worry about Electric and Grass moves. Suicune can also deal serious damage, especially with this moveset.

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The best moveset for Suicune in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

Suicune’s main priority is staying healthy throughout the match. That being said, it still needs powerful moves so that it can inflict damage. This moveset keeps both of these priorities in mind.

  • Toxic
  • Rest
  • Hydro Pump/Surf
  • Blizzard

Toxic is a perfect move for Suicune. Since its defenses are so high, it’s guaranteed to take a lot of damage and still survive. Slowly draining the opponent’s health is a great strategy against opponents that won’t simply drop to a strong Water-type move from Suicune.

Toxic pairs nicely with Rest. Nobody wants to sit there and wait two turns, but if the enemy is badly poisoned, it’s more tolerable. Two turns of Rest means two turns of Toxic damage. At the end of those two turns, the enemy might also be in range to perish from a Hydro Pump.

Hydro Pump is Suicune’s best option for a Water-type move. The low accuracy turns some trainers off from Hydro Pump, but that shouldn’t be an issue for Suicune. Even if it misses one Hydro Pump, it will still be healthy enough to use the move again.

Hydro Pump has a serious drawback though: Suicune learns the move at level 71. Anyone who can get a Pokemon to level 71 in Pokemon Gold and Silver deserves a standing ovation. This is because many opponents in the second half of the game are underleveled, so it’s difficult to get enough XP points. Therefore, this moveslot will most likely end up being Surf. Hydro Pump is the theoretical best choice for this slot, however.

In the same way that Suicune can afford to miss a Hydro Pump, it can also afford to miss a Blizzard. The Pokemon really works best with a strong Ice-type move, and this is its best option. The great thing about this move is that, once it’s learned, Suicune becomes a nightmare to Lance’s Pokemon after the Elite Four. Suicune can Blizzard the Dragonites and Hydro Pump the Charizard and Aerodactyl.

Suicune gets access to several better options in Pokemon Crystal. Not only does it learn Aurora Beam by level up, but it can also learn Ice Beam from the Move Tutor outside of Goldenrod Game Corner.

Published 08 Apr 2021, 00:15 IST

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