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Olympic-bound athletes at SAI campuses to train in groups even during quarantine | More sports News

NEW DELHI: With a surge in coronavirus cases across India, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) had already taken measures to ensure Olympic-bound athletes were tested on a weekly basis, so that their health was monitored constantly.
However, in view of the need for these athletes to continue their training without disruption, the SAI has now taken a decision to allow training even during the quarantine period in a controlled environment. Athletes are required to go through mandatory quarantine when they reach a SAI centre from a home break or a competition.
Innovative methods have been adopted wherein a small group of athletes, coach & sparring (training) partners will be formed wherever possible for Olympic bound athletes. The athlete and this group will remain isolated from the rest of the environment till the quarantine period is over. Training in a smaller group during quarantine period will also ensure that large scale transmission of the virus is prevented.
During the quarantine period, general fitness and monitored training on a staggered schedule would be allowed. The coach/support staff/sparring partners involved in training for such an athlete would form part of the individual athlete’s group and follow the same regime as the athlete and would not be allowed to interact with athletes/support staff in the bio-bubble until the test results of the whole group comes out negative at the end of the initial quarantine period of 7 days.
If any member of the athlete’s group returns a positive result at the end of the quarantine period, the whole group will remain in quarantine for a further period of 7 days. The entire group would be allowed to merge with the regular training group already in the bio-bubble, once every member returns a negative result.
Even if the athlete is found positive but is asymptomatic fitness activities through video conference under strict medical supervision will be carried out. The counselling sessions for such athletes will also be organised to ensure high morale of an athlete is maintained.
Further, the SAI, in consultation with the Indian Olympic Association, will decide on grant of leave to Olympics bound athlete & support staff. Leave will be granted only as an exception by NSF & SAI as it has been observed that most athletes got infected while travelling.

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